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Ho Ho No: We Will Never be THOSE Parents

“We will never be those parents.” “Nope. NEVER.” “That is the most ridiculous thing ever.” Yes. These were the words that came out of our mouth every year…until last year. Until the day “it” happened. Let’s refer to it as E-Day. (Insert evil, suspenseful music here.) It was a normal day in December in the Mondragon household. We […]

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Finding Balance in the Busy: 3 Things That Help Me “Feel” Like I’ve Got It Under Control

For the longest time, I’ve always hoped to find balance in my life. Usually, about the time that I finally find the balance or the rhythm in my life, something comes along to shift it all. This usually leaves me searching for the perfect balance again. Over these last few weeks, I’ve realized that it’s […]

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