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5 Reasons Not To Dread the Teen Years

5 Reasons Not to Dread the Teenage Years

Each stage of parenting has its own challenges. There’s the sheer exhaustion of meeting the needs of your newborn, the patience required to discipline a toddler, and the perseverance needed to complete elementary school homework. Unfortunately, we moms aren’t super kind in that we often belittle the current reality of each other’s circumstances and give [...]
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Don’t Lose Your Identity in the Mommy Years

Can you describe yourself without using the word “mom”? Can you describe yourself with cataloguing all your weaknesses? Do you have a hobby? It’s not uncommon for women to get buried in the avalanche that is motherhood, and, truthfully, we don’t really mind because we love our family and would sacrifice anything for them. Except […]

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Purpose in Mommy Years

Finding Purpose in the Mommy Years

Purpose is a popular word. It gets thrown around in self-help circles and social media graphics. We all want a purpose-driven life because purpose is an incredible alarm clock, right? Except, what if you don’t know what your purpose is? I struggled with this question a lot after my first daughter was born. In the […]

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