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I Found the Unexpected in National Parks

I will be the first to admit that I am not what one might call “outdoorsy.” I don’t like camping, consider sleeping in a tent to be inhumane and once famously showed up for a hiking date wearing wedge sandals and white capris (sidenote: I married that guy. I like to remind him that he [...]
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I Don't Know How I Do It High Needs Girl Covering Face With Hands

I Don’t Know How I Do It, Either

A few weeks ago, I was out enjoying the gorgeous Colorado sunshine with friends new and old, hanging out at a local craft brewery. Beer and sunshine are the elixir of this mother’s soul. We all had our kids with us, who were happily playing and hanging out with each other.  My gorgeous middle child [...]
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Lost Bags, Found Self

Two summers ago, I traveled across the world and found something unexpected on my journey: myself. Yep, it sounds corny, but I own it. I went to Scotland and rediscovered my soul. Here’s why. This trip was perfectly timed with my husband’s return from a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan. If anything was going to inspire […]

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Friendships in Your 40’s

Who remembers the heyday that was college? Friendships came fast and easy, mainly due to the proximity of other people in your age group, all working towards the same goals. I loved college and made many lifelong friends. Unfortunately, having moved nine times since college, and living nowhere near where I WENT to college, means that […]

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