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5 Kitchen Hacks that I (a Frazzled Mom) Actually Use

I tend to have an on-again/off-again relationship with my kitchen. Sometimes I’m totally into the meal-planning and the chopping and the baking and I can totally relate to one of those rustic-chic signs that says, “The Secret Ingredient in this Kitchen is Love!” But other times I’m burnt out (pun intended) on the tedium and [...]
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If I had three kids, I could take cute pictures like this!

How do you know if you should have more kids? Let’s freak out about it together!

My husband and I have always known we wanted either two or three children. So which is it: two or three? Um, good question.  Hey Siri, how many kids should I have? ...Hello? ...Siri? ANSWER ME. My Google history will reveal I have searched for "how do you know if you should have more kids?" [...]
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Holiday Gift-Giving on a Budget

How stinkin’ easy is it to get caught up in the consumerism of the season? One trip down the holiday section of Target and kapow—your entire budget is blown! (Yes, I’m speaking from experience and yes, I enjoy being a walking “basic mom” cliché, thank you for asking.)  But there are a million reasons not […]

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How to Parent When Times are Tough

It’s just been one of those times recently—one of those tough phases in life that everyone goes through now and then when the clouds converge, the stars mis-align, and it feels like I’m the walking embodiment of the when it rains, it pours idiom. The last time I was knocked off my axis like this was […]

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