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Oh you’re THAT mom - How to start your holiday shopping early, and feel GREAT about it

Oh You’re THAT Mom? How to Start Your Holiday Shopping Early, and Feel GREAT About It!

It’s October, which means that people on Facebook have started their Christmas countdowns. Halloween and Thanksgiving are an oversight. Christmas decor is already taking over many stores. Yet, with all of this excitement surrounding the impending holiday that is 2.5 months away, we all still have the tendency to wait to do our shopping until [...]
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Easiest DIY Wood Furniture Remodel

The Easiest DIY Wood Furniture Remodel EVER!

Traditionally, wood items are the gifts for 5th wedding anniversaries. Well, with my hubs and I in serious debt-repayment mode, we were not going to buy some fancy-schmancy piece of wood furniture as our anniversary gift to each other. Instead, I started researching ways to refinish wood furniture that we already owned. BEST DECISION EVER! [...]
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“But Every Year My Family Does THIS…”: Blending Family Traditions to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive

Holiday traditions can definitely be a huge point of contention when it comes to making plans throughout the holiday season. Many wives and fellow mamas I talk to don’t even want to think about the holidays because of the stress that can be brought from simply scheduling everything, let alone worrying about gifts, food and […]

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