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Fall Wardrobe Capsule: 6 Places to Shop on a Budget

I’ve always loved fashion as it’s been a creative outlet for me. I grew up with “hand me downs” so I had to get creative with what to wear. Little did I know that passion would lead to attending a Fashion School in college, which would land me a job in apparel product development for just over 12 years.

Being a product developer, I worked with the design team to actually build the clothing with the factories. I was the liaison between the company and the factories; a developer is the one that is hands on making sure the fabric, colors, trims, packaging, embellishments, fit and cost was all approved and up the companies (and designers) standards.

I was traveling overseas to China, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Central America to make sure our products were being made the correct way. So, I knew what to look for in quality standards and what products REALLY cost.

Fall Wardrobe Capsule :: 6 Places to Shop on a Budget

I grew up not having a ton of expendable cash, so I had to shop on a budget. I learned to be a good bargain shopper and then working in apparel for so long I never really even had to pay for clothes—that was a big perk that I miss the most! It’s really hard for me to pay full price unless if I see the value.

Shoes, purses and workout clothes: that’s where I pay full price. For other items like shirts, pants, sweaters and accessories that’s where I like to find myself a good deal.

Fast forward to fall. OH do I love fall fashion. Bring on the scarves, sweaters and boots! Lucky for us this year we are actually enjoying a beautiful season before winter comes and freezes us all, ha!

I’ve pieced together a really fun “Fall Wardrobe Capsule” and found most of my items at local boutiques and big box retailers. As much as I’d love to always support local, I can’t always seem to find exactly what I’m looking for. And let’s be honest: it’s REALLY hard to get out of Target without checking out the women’s clothing section. Yeah, I have no shame.

So here are my 6 top places to find GREAT fall pieces on a budget:

Fall Wardrobe Capsule :: 6 Places to Shop on a Budget

Nordstrom Rack

When I used to live in California, I rarely bought anything from Nordstrom unless it was on sale. I love that we have a Nordstrom Rack here in Foco because they have some really great prices! I found this super comfy black crop knit sweater. I AM OBSESSED WITH IT. It’s warm, super comfortable and loving the crop style. Best part is that it was $29.99 and came in multiple other colors.

Fall Wardrobe Capsule :: 6 Places to Shop on a Budget

The Heyday Store

If you haven’t checked out the Heyday Store at Jessup Farm get your butt in there! They have a great selection including high end brands to treat yourself or items that are totally affordable. I had a really hard time picking out what I wanted, because I wanted it all! Plus being locally and female owned I’m happy to spend my money there. I found this super cute denim blue long sleeve shirt with adorable ruffle details. It’s light yet still warm and you can wear with any bottoms. I found this at a great price of $30.

Fall Wardrobe Capsule :: 6 Places to Shop on a Budget


I love me some Target! They have really stepped up their merchandising game. And their product quality is really pretty good! I love that they always have a great selection and have multiple color options. I was casually strolling through the women’s clothing section and this dusty rose tee immediately caught my attention. I got even more excited when I say it was only $10! Um, now that’s a steal. I actually went back a few days later to get it in black but they had already sold out.

Cora Ltd. Clothing & Accessories

I had been looking for a pair of denim gaucho pants ALL SUMMER LONG. Little did I know the perfect pair was waiting for me at this cute shop located in Old Town Square, Fort Collins. I had walked past it multiple times admiring the adorable clothes they had in the window thinking it was more of a younger college girl shopping hub, but I was totally wrong! I’m so glad I gave it a chance because I found the gauchos of my dreams! Light weight, the perfect blue, has pockets (um every mom’s dream) and for $29.99. I’ve already worn these more times than I can count!

JB Elliot

This cute shop located in Front Range Village is one you’ll definitely want to stop in at. Great selection of sweaters and they even started getting some holiday pieces in! They had a great sale rack with 70% off, but unfortunately nothing was in my size. They have a really fun and affordable selection of earrings. I took me (and my son) at least 10 minutes to decide which pair to get and I finally settled on some simple rose gold leaf hoops! Felt pretty accomplished (and my husband would be proud) that I spent only $10 before walking out the door.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box; check out multiple shops and incorporate a fun mix and match of patterns and textures. That’s what will make your capsule more assorted and you’ll get more wear out of each piece.

Happy budget shopping!

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