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When Sundresses are a No-Go: Dressing Your Bump for Fall and Winter

Summer is O-V-E-R

It’s no secret that for most mamas-to-be, summer is the easiest season to dress your ever-growing bump. It’s the easiest thing in the world to slip on a fun sundress and sandals to look well put together with a high sense of maternity fashion.

Then before you know it – WHAM – fall and winter hit. The colder seasons make it so that simple sundresses are no longer an option. Dressing to impress gets more complicated, and feeling put together feels nearly impossible.

Athleisure no more!

I used to feel haunted about dressing during pregnancy. In both of my pregnancies thus far, I’ve hit the colder month threshold and been left baffled at how to dress. I’m not one to spend hours getting ready or picking out clothes. With two kiddos, I need to be efficient but still feel put together so I can continue to feel like a functioning member of society.

During my last pregnancy I decided enough was enough! I wasn’t going to live in athleisure gear and my husband’s long-sleeved tees anymore. I was going to change how I felt about dressing my growing belly in the cooler months. I was able to learn some sneaky bump-dressing secrets that have now made me live for pregnancy in the fall and winter!

Say it with me; athleisure no more! I WILL enjoy dressing my bump for the cold months!

Great, now here are a few of my secrets!

Secret Number 1: Layers are everything

Now this may sound crazy because walking around with an ever-growing bump makes you feel warmer than usual, however, dressing in layers during pregnancy is the answer to so many problems.

My favorite layers consist of a simple maternity tee, cardigan or sweater, and fun scarf or other accessory to pull everything together. Layering a tee under a cardigan or sweater keeps you cooler, while still allowing you to enjoy sweater weather.

Accessories (scarfs and trendy hats especially) are my favorite because you can easily take them off if you begin to feel too warm.

Another bonus of adding sweaters to your maternity wardrobe: you aren’t stuck buying maternity only! Most sweaters and cardigans are worn open, so there’s plenty of bump room and you can enjoy them after your bundle of joy has arrived.

Secret Number 2: Buy the good maternity leggings

As mamas, many of us automatically want to always dress in leggings as it is. Pregnancy makes this urge very real. No one wants tightly hugging jeans on their belly all day, how horribly uncomfortable! The problem that many find with maternity leggings is getting them to stay up and not get saggy as the day goes by. This could create a serious love-hate relationship with one of your closet staples.

I finally ditched the cheaper maternity legging brands, and invested in maternity leggings with the over the belly band so that they would stay up and stay comfy throughout the day. BEST DECISION EVER.

My extensive collection contains a variety of colors from black and grey, to jeggings. Now, no matter the outfit, I have a comfy jean alternative that looks great as I layer on other pieces. Perfection!

Click Here For My Favorite Maternity Leggings!

Secret Number 3: The basics are important

It’s no secret that maternity clothes can be pricey. Because of this, I’ve found how important buying the basics is! We all want the fun patterns on things that we wear, but this may not be the most cost-effective way to dress your bump this fall and winter.

I’ve found that buying solid colored tanks, tees, and long-sleeved tees allows me to be more creative with my maternity outfits rather than only having a few go-to looks. Solids give you the ability to layer, like I discussed before, and color can be added with your sweaters and accessories.

This may not sound as fun as buying the gorgeous blouses with flowers and other designs, but I promise you that you won’t be sorry having many more options as the cold weather sets in for good!

Shop my favorite maternity basics here!

Secret Number 4: Splurge on some fabulous flats

For me, and I am sure many other mamas, pregnancy puts my shoe game on hold. I love wedges and heels and when my belly starts bumpin’, my back says “no” to anything with a larger heel.

This used to be a time of mourning for me as I put away all of my fall-bootie favorites and pulled out the Nikes I would wear until I popped. I finally decided that I deserved a fabulous pair of flats to wear all throughout my pregnancy so I could nix the Nikes every day.

Whether you’re all about boots or rock Converse regularly, grab yourself a new pair and spoil your feet a little. Allow yourself this one little simple pleasure. You’ll feel wonderful completing your outfits with fun shoes, and your feet will also thank you!

Secret Number 5: Embrace the bump

At first, pregnancy fashion was a struggle for me. I was comfortable with the size that I was and had worked hard to fit into my beloved pre-baby skinny jeans. I didn’t love the idea that I was going to gain weight and have to wear different clothes to try to flatter the large, round bump in the middle of my body.

As I assume many other mamas have felt this way, let me encourage you to embrace your bump! If you look at dressing through your pregnancy as a fun new adventure, you’ll enjoy it much more. The more you embrace how your body is changing and the life that you will bring into the world, the more you’ll have fun shopping and getting dressed every day!

Now, I have fun every single day dressing my bump and accentuating it in different and fun ways because of the joy that it will bring into my world. Babies aren’t just to be enjoyed when they make their arrival, enjoy them through the whole process!

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