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Postpartum fitness

Your “All Clear” Postpartum Checkup and the Return to Exercise, Part 1

Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey! Channeling No Doubt with a fun fact coming at you! If you’ve noticed a lot of birth announcements recently, you’re not imagining things. According to a recent study, the most common birth month is September, specifically September 9, followed closely by the months of August and July. (1) This means […]

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A Plain-Language, Non-Partisan, Guide to Voting in Colorado

You wouldn’t let your second-cousin, Eddie, choose your Spotify playlist for a cross-country road trip. So why let him choose what happens in your community? Be a voter. This country runs best when everyone, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians alike all participate. So, you know you should be voting on or before November 6. Check […]

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Baby Sleeping Safely in a Sleep Sack

How to Discuss Safe Sleep Before Your Baby’s First Day in Child Care

This post is sponsored by the Colorado Department of Human Services. We are proud to feature this important mission and agency as a resource for the community of Moms we love so dearly!During the early days, weeks, and months of parenthood, you and your baby experience a lot of “firsts.” However, none may be as […]

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Purpose Parcel Featured Image

A Box with a Purpose : A Mission to Spread Love and Healing For Your Heart

This post is sponsored by our friends at The Purpose Parcel, and is a beautiful way to express love and support for the women in your life who are experiencing or have experienced the pain of infant loss, miscarriage, or postpartum depression. We are proud to feature this important mission and business as a resource […]

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