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Easiest DIY Wood Furniture Remodel

The Easiest DIY Wood Furniture Remodel EVER!

Traditionally, wood items are the gifts for 5th wedding anniversaries. Well, with my hubs and I in serious debt-repayment mode, we were not going to buy some fancy-schmancy piece of wood furniture as our anniversary gift to each other. Instead, I started researching ways to refinish wood furniture that we already owned. BEST DECISION EVER! [...]
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3 At-Home Activities that are Kid and Tired-Mama Approved

It seems a lot of us operate in a general state of tiredness. But sometimes, that tiredness reaches epic proportions and the thought of gallivanting around town with your energetic offspring is more than you can bear. In my experience, those days hit at the least opportune times, and often when I’ve already taxed my […]

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Dusting Off Your Resume: 7 Tips for Job Seekers

First things first: we all know being a Mom is a full-time job. For those who are employed or are seeking employment in addition of being CEO at home, I’m giving you a hearty round of applause! Join me in singing “Working 9-5″…(read this post by NCMB Contributor Emilie Casseday for more on this topic!) I remember […]

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Happy New Year’s DIY Abundance Jar, Collection of a Year’s Worth of Gratitude

We just celebrated the end of 2018 and rang in the new year. I was so excited for this celebration – not because I couldn’t wait for the year to be over, but because our celebration was a little different than the previous year. We ended 2018 reflecting on a collection of a year’s worth […]

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