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Easiest DIY Wood Furniture Remodel

The Easiest DIY Wood Furniture Remodel EVER!

Traditionally, wood items are the gifts for 5th wedding anniversaries. Well, with my hubs and I in serious debt-repayment mode, we were not going to buy some fancy-schmancy piece of wood furniture as our anniversary gift to each other. Instead, I started researching ways to refinish wood furniture that we already owned. BEST DECISION EVER! [...]
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kitchen hacks

5 Kitchen Hacks that I (a Frazzled Mom) Actually Use

I tend to have an on-again/off-again relationship with my kitchen. Sometimes I’m totally into the meal-planning and the chopping and the baking and I can totally relate to one of those rustic-chic signs that says, “The Secret Ingredient in this Kitchen is Love!” But other times I’m burnt out (pun intended) on the tedium and [...]
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