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let's talk about the fear of failing

Let’s Talk About the Fear of Failing

Earlier this year I had the privilege to attend a women’s event with nearly 1,000 other women in the NoCo area! The room was buzzing, there were smiles all around and it was really great to see so many like-minded women connecting. All of the panel speakers—featuring local female entrepreneurs—were incredibly motivating and inspirational individuals [...]
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secret chocolate stashes

Secret Chocolate Stashes and Other Things I Said I’d Never Do as a Mom

I am recovering perfectionist. I don’t remember the last moment I set myself up with ridiculous standards but I did think I’d get all the laundry done this weekend so we’ll start there.  For some reason (perhaps my basic desire to be liked by everybody) I used to expect nothing but perfection from myself. Straight [...]
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Diastasis Recti Awareness Month

Diastasis Recti Awareness: 3 Things You Need to Know

The word and condition known as diastasic recti (DR) has been spreading like wildfire on social media platforms, mom groups and fitness communities. Often referred to as “mommy tummy,” this condition has many of us focused on the size of the gaps between our rectus muscles and also leaving us afraid to perform, for example, [...]
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