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Living with Lyme Disease: Climbing the Mountain of Chronic Illness

Defining Motherhood :: Living with Lyme Disease

Defining Motherhood is a series where we highlight a local mom’s story about her unique motherhood experience. This month's Defining Motherhood story is from Ryyah Phillippi, who is living with persistent Lyme disease. Special thanks to Aubrey Nicole Photography for capturing the images to accompany Ryyah's story. Being chronically ill requires a strength that I can’t explain. [...]
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1st trimester fitness

The 1st Trimester: Navigating Fitness During Pregnancy Series

We’re Pregnant! Ok, I’m not pregnant, but maybe you are! When I think back to the week before I found out, I now realize my body was telling me things were changing. I immediately felt winded during workouts that were manageable and overcome with emotion (aka tears) when I couldn't do something! While I am [...]
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Your Face Makes you Pretty but Your Heart Makes you Beautiful

The other day Tiny One, Tiny Two and I were strolling through Target trying to find some bright colors for their wardrobe. (Side note: Tiny One and Tiny Two are what I lovingly nicknamed my children for all things Internet-land.) We were checking out these really cute dresses my daughter found in the newborn section, [...]
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3 At-Home Activities that are Kid and Tired-Mama Approved

It seems a lot of us operate in a general state of tiredness. But sometimes, that tiredness reaches epic proportions and the thought of gallivanting around town with your energetic offspring is more than you can bear. In my experience, those days hit at the least opportune times, and often when I’ve already taxed my […]

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