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If I had three kids, I could take cute pictures like this!

How do you know if you should have more kids? Let’s freak out about it together!

My husband and I have always known we wanted either two or three children. So which is it: two or three? Um, good question.  Hey Siri, how many kids should I have? ...Hello? ...Siri? ANSWER ME. My Google history will reveal I have searched for "how do you know if you should have more kids?" [...]
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A Box with a Purpose : A Mission to Spread Love and Healing For Your Heart

This post is sponsored by our friends at The Purpose Parcel, and is a beautiful way to express love and support for the women in your life who are experiencing or have experienced the pain of infant loss, miscarriage, or postpartum depression. We are proud to feature this important mission and business as a resource […]

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