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Vision Boards: Why to Have One and How to Make One

We live in a society full of dreamers and do-ers. Our social media platforms are chock-full of people loud and proud about their businesses, blogs, and crafts. People are more inclined to have careers that they are passionate about, rather than just having “jobs” (YAY!)

After all, passion is what drives us to reach our goals—can I get an amen?

What I want to chat about is where to put those dreams and goals so we can accomplish them and not let them get away from us. 

Introducing: THE VISION BOARD 

This sounds silly. You know what you passions are. You know what you want to accomplish and are familiar with the dreams that you have. BUT imagine if you looked at those things daily.

What if you were reminded of those things every day in a tangible and visual way? Do you think those things would become more of a reality? Do you think that they would happen faster because you are reminded of them on the reg? 

Heck YES. 

The Creation Itself  

Your vision board can look however you want it to look. 

The most important parts:

  • Having visuals of your dreams and goals 
  • Putting your board in a place where you will see it every day 
  • Keep it ever-evolving 

The Board 

The first thing you’ll need is the foundation. This is something that you will add your vision to. Here are some examples: 

  • Poster board
  • Corkboard
  • Magnet board 

This is just a place where you will add all your dreams and aspirations as you find them. 


If you see your goals on paper or in a photo they become real—not just something you have thought up in your mind. That is why having the visual is so important! 

Visuals can come in many forms but I have found pictures to be the most powerful.

When I am looking for a picture for my vision board, I Pinterest search until I find exactly what I am looking for, download the image so I can save it in my “Vision Board” folder on my computer, and then print it out.

I don’t skimp and use black and white. No, no, no I use color because these are my DREAMS I am working with, not an Amazon receipt. 

This is an area where specifics and pickiness are welcomed. If you have vague words and pictures that don’t mean anything to you, creating a vision board will be of no use to you. If you are very picky about the photos on your board and insanely specific, your vision board will motivate and inspire you. 

vision board

Example: on my vision board it doesn’t just say “Dream House.”

There is no detail there. There is no intrigue.

When you really daydream, and envision your dream house, what is in it? A reading nook? A kitchen with tall ceilings and marble countertops? 

Both of those items are in my dream house, and when I see those specific pictures on my vision board, I am inspired and motivated at what is to come! 

Words work the same way. Being specific with your words on your vision board is the same as being picky about the pictures you add to it. Here is the difference with words; which is more motivating?

“Debt free” or “Debt free by June 2021.”

The latter. 100%. Specific goals, with specific times create beautiful results. Vague goals create vague timelines where things never are actually accomplished. 

I know I sound bossy, but I am speaking from experience! The more specific, the better.

I guarantee it!


Here is a question for you, if you need to remember to take a piece of mail to the post office, where do you put it? 

Easy. Somewhere like the kitchen counter or your purse where you know you will see it and remind yourself of the errand. 

vision board

The same goes for vision boards. This isn’t a fun, crafty project that then gets shoved into the back of a closet. This is something that should be in a visible place where you will see it every single day. Now I’m not saying that this needs to be the centerpiece of your living room decor, but it should be located somewhere you will see it daily. 

What’s the purpose behind this you may be wondering? Well, if you remind yourself of your goals and aspirations everyday, you will be more likely to make them happen. They can seriously motivate you if you allow them to!  

Keep It Evolving 

One of the most important pieces of a vision board is to keep it changing. My dreams and goals are way different now than they were 10 years ago and I guarantee that you are the same! As we go through our lives every day, things happen that make our dreams change. 

Hear me out on this one: it is OK if something on your vision board doesn’t happen because your goals or life has changed. 

I am going to say it again for the mommas in the back: IT IS OK. 

Life is full of changes. My goals as a mom are exponentially different than those I had as a young professional.

Some of the things that used to be on my vision board (like trips traveling through Europe and owning Louboutins) are no longer as important to me than other goals.

I am not discouraged that I did not accomplish these things before having kids; instead, I look at my personal growth and how I have evolved. Are those things still appealing to me? You betcha! But they are no longer my top “wants” that I daydream about. 

You are ever changing. Allow your dreams to do the same! 

Well, there’s your passion! 

Our vision boards can tell us so much when we finish then and take a look at the finished project. 

When I look at mine, I see screaming passion for my family and for people. It is full of dreams of creating a beautiful life for my family. Aspirations of giving away more money than I make now in a month. Hopes of creating a legacy for my kids. 

vision board

Other vision boards I have seen show how experiences are their passion! Being with different cultures in different countries and really experiencing LIFE. Enjoying the sights and scenery other than their backyard. How fun! 

I have seen philanthropy as a passion! Mission trips and building orphanages. Helping cities homeless and people who have less. Incredible! 

There is no wrong answer when it comes to your passion. But if you are wondering what it is, create a vision board, take a step back, and LOOK. I promise you that your passion will smack you in the face and from there you will grow! 

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