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Moving Away: Choosing Adventure over Anxiety

These last 10 years have been incredible living in the beautiful state of Colorado.

I met my husband, Kyle, here about 6 years ago and both of our sons were born in Loveland (the name is so fitting for this).

Both our families live near so we’re close with them. We love our church community and have many wonderful friends. There are so many outdoor adventures to be had and we enjoy exploring this state as much as possible as a family. Life isn’t perfect, of course, but it’s blessed and full.

Kyle has been traveling for work every month for the last two years. It isn’t ideal but we make the best of it.

A few months ago when Kyle mentioned that he thinks it might be best for us to move out of state for his job I freaked out inside a little.

Nothing was for certain, though, so I didn’t think too much about it. Since then, we have agreed that moving is best. Even though I agreed, I still have had to mentally process this change.

I remember driving through Kansas years ago. As I was making my way through a desolate area of the state, I had to swerve a couple times to avoid tumbleweeds. I said out loud to myself, “I would never move to Kansas.”

Well, that’s exactly where we’re moving for my husband’s job: to a small town of 15,000 people. I’ve heard the popular saying never say never a million times and I’m able to laugh about it now.

The last couple months since deciding it’s a go about moving have been an emotional roller coaster for me.

We sold our house, which was sentimental since it was the first home for our two sons. My emotions have been a little off-kilter. I have been excited, anxious, sad, then excited again and anticipating good things to come!

moving away

Once we decided to move, my first reaction was agreeing with my husband that it is best for our family.

This means he won’t have to travel anymore and can be even more productive at work. Change is good, right?!

I thought about how adventurous this will be for our family. We are a strong family unit and this will make us even stronger and closer.

While we were packing up our home and going through all our stuff, my second reaction came about.

As I was putting things in boxes, I became anxious. I changed my mind about change being good because I love my life here as is.

Why did I need to welcome any change? I realized I wasn’t choosing to focus on the beauty of new beginnings which caused a sense of anxiety that whole week of packing.

moving away

As soon as we moved out of our house, said goodbye to those beautiful memories, and handed our keys to the new owners, I felt lighter instantly.

Once we closed that door I was literally able to start anticipating the next adventure.

We are now living with my parents temporarily and this in itself has been so wonderful. Spending extra time with them in the peaceful country and seeing my sons bond even more with nana and grandpa has been great before we move.

These days I’m embracing the change and learning to be more adaptable.

moving away

I have seen how God is stretching me during this move and all the awesome things happening already! Daily He is showing me to trust him more deeply with the details instead of being anxious about things I cannot control.

Especially as a mama, this isn’t easy for me. I’m sure I’ll cry saying goodbye to loved ones and our life in Colorado, but I’m thankful for personal growth in this season. I am looking forward to new adventures and the wonderful people we will meet in Kansas.

This change is developing me even more into the woman, the wife and the mama I’m created to be.

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