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Mamas Making Moves: 3 Simple, Realistic Ways to Stay Healthy

Today I’m going to share three simple and realistic ways for mamas to stay healthy. But before I share my tips, I want to share why I’m so passionate about this.

Several years ago in my early 20’s, I went through some challenges with my health. As someone who grew up very healthy and confident, these trials shook me and I lost sight of myself for a few years. I lacked confidence, had anxiety, and couldn’t identify with the vibrant and secure girl I grew up as. It was a strange phase of my life as I was navigating through it while discovering myself, my faith, and purpose in life.

I got married at age 24 to my husband Kyle, then got pregnant with my first baby at 26. I was absolutely thrilled and couldn’t wait to be a mom! My overall wellbeing – mind, body and soul – wasn’t top notch, though, and I wanted to become the healthiest version of myself for my husband, my baby, and most importantly, for myself.

I became a certified health coach through an online training program while I was pregnant and working full time. This sparked a lot of excitement in me as I discovered a lot about myself and holistic health. It directed me to one of my passions – wanting to help other women and mamas feel their best for themselves, most importantly, and for their loved ones.

There are two important words I learned in my training. First is the word, “bio individuality.” Basically, this means that not one body is the same! The foods that I love and feel best eating might be like poison to you and vice versa. There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to nutrition and exercise.

The second term is “holistic,” which means the intricate intertwining of our mind, body and soul. I can honestly say that I feel my best at the age of 30 and as a mama of two incredible boys (just had to throw that in). This is because I now view health as all encompassing of my mind, body and soul.

My hope is to help you along in your health journey by sharing these 3 simple, realistic changes I made in the last few years that have helped me immeasurably.

1. Say bye to bloat and eat to feel your best

The first change I made is simple, but isn’t easy. I now choose to avoid foods that make me feel crappy and bloated and instead fuel my body with whole, nutritious foods that I thrive with. In my early 20’s I developed a few intolerances to foods I ate often while growing up. I started noticing that I wouldn’t feel good after eating certain things, but I denied it. Finally I got to the point of feeling so awful and bloated after eating said foods my body could no longer digest well.

I felt wonderful after making that change! It was challenging but definitely so worth it. If this is something you can relate to, starting a food journal to keep track of how you feel after eating specific foods is very helpful!

2. As with a radio, tune into your body to hear it clearly

The second change is related to emotional eating, which many people struggle with. Sometime during my early 20’s I found myself eating out of emotion. Once I came to terms with this I began to tune in and ask myself questions before eating, such as, “Am I actually hungry? Or am I tired? Am I Stressed?”

Eating can be used to mask emotions and temporarily delay having to deal with them, but it doesn’t fix whatever is going on. Usually in these moments we aren’t craving healthy, whole foods or snacks, so then we’re sabotaging ourselves in more ways than one.

This is different from enjoying a treat. I definitely enjoy treats time to time, but learned not to mask emotions that way. Do your best to be in tune with your body and you’ll be able to understand its signals. It’s tough but eventually you can face it, instead of hiding or masking it.

3. Make working out work for you

The third thing I want to talk about is moving your beautiful body! Exercise was very important to me while growing up. I stayed super active and played sports.

Once I became a mama, my exercise regimen disappeared. I haven’t had any exercise routine these last few years but I still stay active whenever I can and however I can. Sometimes that means going for a walk with my sons (shown in picture – have fun with it!), home workouts, hikes with the family, or the occasional jog by myself.

Our bodies are created to move and it feels so good! We can often get caught up in thinking exercise looks only a certain way, but remember to make it work for you.

These are just a few of the principles I have adapted that help me feel my best as a wife, mama and woman. I have not mastered this by any means and still consider myself practicing daily, but I’m much further along than I used to be!

That’s what I want to encourage you to do – focus on progression, not perfection. Remember, self-care and investing in your well-being is what helps you love and care for your loved ones even better. Make sure to have fun with it! Being and staying healthy shouldn’t be a stressful thing. So I hope you got some good stuff from this and use whatever works for you!

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