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Pancakes and Pushups: Making Time for Fitness

I am legitimately sitting down for the first time in three weeks, during the daylight, eating lunch with a fork, in a house that is completely quiet. School has started back and the baby is down for a nap – it’s a midday miracle, everyone!


These times don’t happen often around here and I suspect aren’t super common for many of you reading this, either.

I have a preschooler and a toddler who like to be UP at the crack of dawn (sometimes before), love a variety of different home-cooked foods, go to speech-therapy appointments, attend kids CrossFit and other activities, and have to be picked up and dropped off at school. Plus, then I have meetings and all the other day to day, hour to hour to do’s that go along with being a mom, wife, new business owner, blogger, and CrossFit coach!

I honestly do enjoy most of the crazy chaos but it can be HARD finding time to fit time in for YOU and taking care of yourself in our busy schedules.

Something over Nothing

As a CrossFit and Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach, I LOVE the gym. It is my little slice of heaven that’s served up with a side of steel barbells. During this time I get to focus, be involved with a community of amazing friends, reset, and build strength so that I can enjoy all of the things I love to do.


I only actually workout in the gym 2- 3 times a week right now (I know that may seem like a lot!). The above schedule and my husband’s schedule make it hard to get in the hour of fitness I crave 5 times a week. I coach early morning classes and then it’s crazy town often until 6pm at night! I’m jokingly the only member of the 4:47pm CrossFit class… it starts at 4:30. But I make it some days because something is better than nothing.


It took me a long time to get to that place. Something is better than nothing. I always thought I had to be all in. 5 minutes late – nope, I failed. It was too late. I missed my chance and wouldn’t get the whole hour in. Had a slice of cake at work? FAILURE. And queue eat-all-the-things that day.

I cycled through this at many different times in my life. And I would get so frustrated. So incredibly frustrated at my husband when he worked late, when my kids had appointments that ran into evening class time, and then I would be upset with myself for feeling frustrated at my family and myself at missing a workout or enjoying some cookies my grandma baked.

Has anyone else felt like that?  

It’s hard for me to admit! However, over time I’ve been able to adopt a growth mindset of understanding that, especially in this season of my life, something is almost always better than nothing.

Thankfully I have a lot of inspiring friends and women around me who have helped show me that growing into this mindset is so important to my overall well being. One resource, the Healthy Habits Happy Moms website, has been instrumental in this growth mindset. Check them out here!

I was able to live more abundantly when I realized that not getting it perfect was going to be a common theme throughout this season of motherhood.

Adding in more sports, school events, and (fingers crossed!) a successful business wouldn’t be increasing my chances of making it to the gym, eating the way I wanted, or even finding time for myself.

Would I just not take time for myself to workout? 

To not eat in ways that support my wellness?

To not find ways to take care of myself mentally and physically just because I didn’t think I could do it perfectly?

Would I just stop?

No. It’s taken time, but I’m growing forward into this mindset. I’m breaking free of that old mindset of waiting for the perfect opportunity to do something for myself and feeling frustrated if it didn’t happen.

My Time

That brings me to working out. Maybe you committed to moving more this year but are finding yourself in this place. Life has gotten crazy, the hour in the gym is daunting, and maybe you’ve missed a few workouts so you may feel like giving up.

I get that.

But let’s not stop growing forward. Let’s take this as an opportunity to change and do something for ourselves, creating the time to commit to our intentions and goals.

This isn’t about no excuses, because there are days where there are legitimately a million and one perfectly valid reasons why you can’t work out. I’m not talking about those times, because those aren’t the norm.

I’m talking about finding that 10 minutes in our day and starting there. Let’s look at that 10 minutes as an opportunity to find time for US. To move for us. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just intentional.

Without a doubt, I always feel better when I add movement into my day (even when the kids are “helping” me.) Go for a walk, hit the park and PLAY on the equipment, or even do your own at-home workout!

Where do I find my 10 minutes?

Well, I spend A LOT of time in the kitchen. My kids always want food. They’re relentless. I should add short-order cook to the list of things above… haha!

I actually do enjoy it and have made some pretty good things (I think!) learning to accommodate my son’s egg and dairy allergy. One of his favorites is egg and dairy free banana pancakes.

It takes about 15 minutes from start to pancake. One day, I started doing pushups off the counter, and pancakes and pushups was born. I discovered the kitchen is an amazing place to workout with a ton of fun stuff to use!

So today I share my pancakes and pushup recipe and workout. Instead of serving it with a side of steel, I’ll dab my pancake with some delicious pats of Irish butter (for me not my son!) and an awesome circuit of body weight movements!

Dairy free, egg free pancake

Home Workout

I’m curious… Do you find yourself in this mindset? How do you break free and find time to do the things you love to do?

I hope you enjoy this workout and recipe! Please tag me if you do the workout using the hashtag #nocomomspancakesandpushups and #nocomomsworkout.

I want to see us making movement intentional in our everyday lives, breaking free from perfection and the idea that we need an hour to commit to fitness! Let’s make time and do something that is just for us!

We deserve it!

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