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Pelvic Pain Awareness: Help and Hope is Out There!

You may not know this but May is Pelvic Pain Awareness Month!

We often accept that we must deal with symptoms such as painful sex, ongoing pelvic/hip pain while walking or sitting, or even trouble using the bathroom chalking it up to a part of motherhood.

We need to bring awareness to this issue as many of us as women (and men) experience varying forms of pelvic pain.

There is a broad range of what can constitute pelvic pain with many women (and men) experiencing these issues impacting day-to-day activities, relationships, and emotional wellbeing causing depression and anxiety.

I believe we are not educated enough on these topics that can impact every aspect of our lives. There is so much help available we may just not know of.

pelvic pain awareness

I have at various points in my life been victim to pelvic pain, mostly intermittent like heavy, painful periods during my late teens/early twenties. I experienced a more prolonged period of pain during my second pregnancy that affected my ability to move due to pubis symphysis dysfunction (SPD) often referred to as pelvic girdle pain.

Have you ever experienced this?

My history and experience only represents a few forms of pelvic pain.

Thankfully in further educating and advocating for myself as well as working with a pelvic floor physical therapist many of my symptoms are managed with few flare-ups which I now have strategies to assist with.

A great place to start with anyone experiencing these symptoms (or other symptoms) is with your doctor and also a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist who can assess, evaluate, refer out and/or provide treatment recommendations.

It’s important that we advocate for care and have conversations with our physicians to obtain a treatment plan that can help manage pain and our emotional wellbeing to enjoy all the things we love or want to do!

Here are some great starting resources to check out if you are experiencing pain and would like more information:

  1. Restoring Venus, who helps women in persistent pain restore life through movement, self-discovery and education

You can follow along with my journey navigating pelvic pain through my business page, TulaFit, as well as movements and strategies that may help manage pain through pregnancy and postpartum if you’d like to learn more about treating this particular type of pain.

If you are experiencing pelvic pain or know someone who does please advocate for yourself and know that there is so much help and hope!

pelvic pain awareness

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