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Happy New Year’s DIY Abundance Jar, Collection of a Year’s Worth of Gratitude

new year abundance

We just celebrated the end of 2018 and rang in the new year. I was so excited for this celebration – not because I couldn’t wait for the year to be over, but because our celebration was a little different than the previous year. We ended 2018 reflecting on a collection of a year’s worth of gratitude, saved up in our Abundance Jar.   

I’ve noticed year after year that many people’s focus is usually on the things that went wrong from the year passing, are relieved they made it through another year (that likely sucked), and hopeful that the next year will bring bigger and better possibilities. I came across a different suggestion last year to change our perspective from remembering the negative events and reasons why we’re glad the year is over, to the abundant events we can celebrate at the end of the year instead. This is how it works. 

At the beginning of the year, instead of listing New Year’s resolutions I created an Abundance Jar. Next to it is a pad of post-it notes and a pen. The idea is that every time we have something in our family that we’re celebrating, we write the event on a post-it note and stick it into the big jar. In doing this activity all year long, we accumulate all the achieved goals, special events, fun surprises, vacations, and anything that we as a family or an individual celebrated in gratitude, no matter how big or small.  By the end of the year this jar is stuffed full of great memories of the entire year that we may have forgotten.  

This past year on New Year’s Eve, we added a new tradition to our  usual celebration: we pulled out the post-its from our Abundance Jar and revealed all of our moments, celebrating in remembrance of the positive achievements made by our family the entire year!abundance

On January first, we started with a fresh, empty jar and began again, adding all the endless new moments that bring joy into our daily lives for another year. We commit to fill the jar with the things we choose and focus our energy on, all positive, all year long!  

I could see the post-its that were adding up, filling up the entire jar as we were nearing the end of 2018 and I couldn’t wait to reveal those moments we wrote down. This is the cause of my excitement to get to the end of the year. So much has changed, and I knew the things we would have normally forgotten would be fun to remember.  

So instead of Happy New Year’s followed up with resolutions, we focused on the positive things we are grateful for each day and trained our minds to live abundantly. We replaced the practice of evaluating our glass as half empty at the end of the year and setting goals for the new year with the practice of gratitude and abundance. We made the focus about the many new possibilities we enjoyed from the previous year, and look forward to the unforeseen ones ahead of us in the next year! What will you be putting into your Abundance Jar in 2019?  

Happy New Years from all of us at Northern Colorado Mom’s Blog!

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