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My Number One Sanity Saver for the Holidays

The holidays are officially upon us and maybe you are feeling the crunch a little bit. Halloween and Thanksgiving are over and thanks to some crazy calendar magic, Christmas is thisclose to Thanksgiving this year. You may already be a wizard when it comes to managing the holidays and all the stress that comes with it, but just in case you want a tiny bit of help, I’d like to introduce you to my number one sanity saver for the holidays.

my number one holiday sanity saver

My Number One Sanity Saver? Grocery pickup.

That’s it. Actually, the wonder that is grocery pickup transcends the holidays and can be used at any time of the year, but it’s especially useful around the holidays.

Why do I love grocery pickup? Let me count the ways…

1. Saves time

I’ve never been a huge fan of grocery shopping. I like the end result, but even before kids, it was never my favorite adult job. After kids, it’s especially awful. When I discovered grocery pickup, it felt like a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders. I could sit on my couch, in my PJs, once the kids were in bed and grocery shop. Most of the time, I’m watching one of my favorite shows while I click “add to cart.” I kill two birds with one stone in a very comfortable way.

And speaking of comfort…

2. You can grocery shop from anywhere!

You can pick your store; there are several in our area that offer grocery pickup and some that also offer grocery delivery. And you can pick where you shop; you can download an app and shop from your phone, or from your computer. If you’re stuck with a cluster-feeding baby and you need groceries, pop on the website and fill your cart, Mama. Or maybe you’re in the waiting room for an appointment…get your shopping done while you wait!

Extra tip #1: I have not done this myself, but I know of mamas who travel to visit family and do a grocery pickup for their final destination. When they arrive, they pick up their groceries and are set for diapers, breakfast, snack foods, or whatever else they didn’t want to pack up and haul cross-country with them.

3. Saves money

If you’re like me, you may rush through the store for a variety of reasons, and sometimes get sticker shock when you check out. When you grocery shop via grocery pickup, you can look at your total as you go and remove or add things as needed. You can also still take advantage of coupons and sales, and some stores actually offer special coupons specifically for those of us who do grocery pickup. Most stores do charge a small fee for taking advantage of grocery pickup, but it’s one I’m happy to pay. Paying $4 in exchange for not taking three small children grocery shopping? Yes, please!

Extra tip #2: I like to check on the grocery pickup app periodically to see if our favorite items are on sale. One time I snagged one of our favorite breakfast foods for 75% off because I happened to check the app that day.

4. An introvert’s dream

As an introvert, not having to deal with a million people in a grocery store sounds heavenly to me. However, you don’t have to be an introvert to appreciate the relief of not fighting through crowds in a grocery store. The only person you have to interact with is the lovely employee who brings the groceries to your car and helps you load them up.

So Save Your Sanity

Here’s how I see this playing out…you have your menu for whatever holiday or dinner you’re preparing for. You sit yourself down with your beverage of choice and go grocery shopping. Set your pickup time and date, and let someone else do the shopping. You’ve avoided the crowds, given yourself an hour or so of your time back, don’t have to take the kids into the store with you, and did it all while sipping some wine in your PJs. Win, win, win all around, right?

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