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Oh You’re THAT Mom? How to Start Your Holiday Shopping Early, and Feel GREAT About It!

It’s October, which means that people on Facebook have started their Christmas countdowns. Halloween and Thanksgiving are an oversight. Christmas decor is already taking over many stores. Yet, with all of this excitement surrounding the impending holiday that is 2.5 months away, we all still have the tendency to wait to do our shopping until December. 


We are going to have a serious chat about why your household should start shopping NOW rather than wait until the hustle and bustle of the holidays. 

1. You don’t want to be “that mom” 

First of all, what does that even mean? We are all moms who are kicking booty taking care of our families. I guarantee we are all “that mom” with different aspects of motherhood, so let’s rock those mom jeans and cheer each other on.  

You are already “that mom” somewhere – so we can move on from here. 

2. “But sales are better closer to the holidays…”

This is very false. There is so much pressure to shop and hit all the amazing (eye roll inserted here) sales that are offered around the holidays. However, if you pay close attention, many times items are marked up first and then “discounted.” You end up paying what you’d pay shopping in the fall with a good coupon or sale.

Yes, there are sometimes great deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and any other of the major shopping days. That does not mean ALL of the great shopping happens on or after those days. Plan out your gifts so you can shop for things at optimum times, and shop for the less anticipated items early.

Many times, stores will have great sales in the fall months because less people shop in the months leading up to Christmas, and they are still trying to make good money. Take advantage of these sales (and alllll the available sizes!) 

Oh You’re That Mom? How to Start Your Holiday Shopping Early, and Feel Great About It!

3. You enjoy the “holiday cheer” of shopping close to the holidays 

No you do not. 

Yes, there is a certain allure walking through beautifully decorated stores and listening to Christmas music, peppermint mocha in hand. BUT those cheerful outings can be had outside of your Christmas shopping duties, and be far more enjoyable. 

Imagine this – you are walking through the biggest, fanciest mall in your city. People are rushing around everywhere, panicking about sizes, availability, and grabbing last minute gifts. They aren’t cheerful – they are stressed and frustrated. 

You are finished with your shopping. You patiently wait in the Starbucks line that is 11 people long because you are in no hurry. When ready, you take your glorious cup of cheer and walk leisurely through the mall taking in all the decorations, enjoy conversation with friends or family, and are thoroughly able to take in the holiday season – sans bulky shopping bags and arguments with sales people. 

Pure holiday bliss. 

Oh You’re That Mom? How to Start Your Holiday Shopping Early, and Feel Great About It!

“It is what we have ALWAYS done..” 

So has everyone else. It’s time to be unique and do something that makes your life easier during this time of year. Between Thanksgiving and New Years there is a serious handful of events, parties, plays, and gatherings that you participate in. Taking something off your plate (especially when that something is available year round) can be especially freeing.


Open up time for your family and friends. Spend the time that you would usually spend shopping with your loved ones and REALLY soak in the magic of the season. Your presence through the holidays will make a bigger mark on your family than the presents you deem so important.

Absolutely spoil your family, but do it in advance so you can avoid the blur of the busyness


The holidays are a marathon – not a sprint. The more preparation you have, the less stressful they will be. Try this out friend – even if it means shopping for your two co-workers in October. See how your family life changes during the holidays. Watch the stress levels fall. 

Eventually, you’ll be “that mom” who shops year round! 

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