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Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Owner & Founder of Northern Colorado Moms Blog!

Kimberly Adams


Kim is a single-mom to a giant 2-year-old lovingly referred to as #LittleW! After becoming a mom, Kim felt as though she had completely lost her sense of self. With the help of supportive friends and family, and especially other moms who let her know she wasn’t alone, Kim started on a path of healing and dove head first into a personal development journey. Through books, and conferences, and practicing gratitude daily, the word “connector” kept coming to the forefront of her mind.

When she moved to Colorado, she found that there were lots of other moms who seemed to be seeking connection with one another in the same way. Armed with passion and purpose in her heart and the knowledge and experience of the City Moms Blog platform, Kim was thrilled to get the opportunity to bring this incredible resource to the Moms of Northern Colorado!

It is her sincere hope, that moms of every age, stage, type, and parenting style, will find home, joy, comfort, and hope in NCMB’s content and events. Motherhood isn’t supposed to be lonely, and it truly takes a village. Northern Colorado Moms Blog exists to be that village!

From everyone at NCMB, we can’t wait to know you, Mama!