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5 Simple Tricks for Taking Better Photos this Holiday Season

It’s here! Ready or not, the holidays are among us and who doesn’t want to document it on camera?! Here are a few ideas from a professional photographer that can help you document your celebrations with your loved ones.  

1. Outfits

I don’t know about you, but I have an affinity for Christmas pjs and coordinating outfits. Is this a must for a good holiday season? No, of course not! But, I think that cute outfits really do help set the mood in your photos! You don’t have to spend a lot to find things you like; Target and Zara are my go-tos for cute and affordable outfits, but there are SO many great options out there.

Think coordinating clothing for the family, but not overtly matchy (unless it’s PJs. Then please, by all means, match from head to toe!)

photo worthy outfits

 Their outfits coordinate, but aren’t super “matchy matchy.”

2. Consider the light

Here’s the thing: light can make or break a photo. The unfortunate reality is that the light isn’t always exactly what we want it to be. Without getting too technical, I’ll give you a few tips that will help create the most beautiful images. 

  • Natural light is your friend. If you can, open all the curtains and fill the room with natural light. Try to get all the family photos done before night fall so that you don’t have to bust out the artificial light.
  • Place your subjects with their faces towards the light. So, if there’s a window, have them stand or sit so their faces are light

3. Focus on the moments and the memories – not the posing 

It’s natural to want the classic, “Look at me! Say Cheese!” photo. But, I urge you to allow yourself to see beyond that. The images that are usually the most heartfelt are the ones that happen in between the “picture perfect” ones. Think present opening, baking, kids and parents sharing candid smiles, etc. 

If you want an everyone looking and kids smiling image, don’t ask them to say “cheese;” instead, use words like “monkey” for natural-looking smiles.

candid photo

I love this one, because it shows my kids’ personalities. My son was having the BEST time getting messy, and my daughter wasn’t so interested in that part!

4. Hand the camera over and get in the pictures

Yes, I’m looking at you, mama!

Make sure you’re in photos during this season, even if you don’t feel like it for any number of excuses-ummm I mean “reasons.” Your kids won’t care when they look back in the future what you’re wearing, how much you weigh or how grown out your roots are. Ok?! Get in those pictures!

5. Be present

Taking photos is great (obviously, I love it), but don’t worry about it more than you worry about enjoying the moments with your loves. Snap a few photos and then put the camera down so you can enjoy your precious time with those who love you. 

photo worthy moment

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