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A Better World Starts at Home with Three C’s and One F

I’m sitting here writing this while my toddler crawls all over the upper half of my body. Quite literally, on my face and hanging tight to my neck, and every so often tries to show me that she, too, knows how to type on my keyboard.

Right here, right now I’m realizing that this could quite possibly be one of those “things” we as mothers of young ones are always told that we will miss one day. And as hard as this is to believe in this particular moment, I can kind of feel the lump starting in my throat thinking about an empty nest one day. How my chubby handed, brown-eyed beauty will be grown and off on her own in this great big world.

Prepping for it

“Slow dowwwwwwn…she’s two!” might be what you’re thinking. I know. I get it. Maybe it’s not this dramatic. But….maybe it is. I feel like the prep work for our children to become functioning and thriving adults should start as soon as possible.  I’m really not talking about anything crazy here.

But I do feel like the more we as parents are proactive with this, the better chance the future world has at being a better and safer place. It starts at home. I’ll say it again for the people in the back. IT STARTS AT HOME.

The three C’s and one F

Being a mom and thinking of the things that I personally see this world struggling with, and then hoping and praying that just maybe if I can get one other mom’s wheels turning the domino effect could eventually happen, makes my head kind of spin with anxiety and excitement!

I mean, we could spend the first decade of our kids’ adult lives vacationing and drinking expensive wine, rather than secretly following them around and making sure they are safe, happy, and using their manners!

So, the three C’s and one F.


better compassion

Let’s just make a pact, right here right now, that we will teach our kids how to be compassionate. We will do so by SHOWING compassion in our everyday lives. Start with our kids. Our spouses. Our animals. The people who serve us our food at the restaurants we eat at. The way we speak about others. The way we react in certain situations.

It’s easy to be petty and angry. To speak ill of something or someone when they aren’t around. To judge. But it’s honorable and humbling to be the bigger person. To give more love and less hate. I love the saying, “Sprinkle it everywhere.” Sprinkle all the love Mama. Even when it’s hard.


Now, let’s also make a pact, right here right now, that we will do our best to STOP the comparison game in our own lives. That we will teach our kids that the grass is greener where you water it. Plain and simple. Life is all about perspective. It’s not necessarily what happens to us, but how we react.

In a virtual world, it’s easy to see the highlights of another’s life and compare it to our mediocre moments. But we must teach our kids from a young age that comparison is the thief of joy, and thieving is wrong.


Let’s just sum character up to mean to let our kids be who they are! Be proud of who they are. Help build their character by embracing all their little quirks and expressions. Help them to be better and grow every day. But don’t compact them and smoosh them into a mold of who you think they should be. The world will already try to do that. We are their safe place. They are counting on us.

better character


Lastly, let’s talk forgiveness. We either see too much, or not enough. There needs to be some clarification here. We need to teach our babies that saying sorry does not make you weak. It does not make you dumb, and it does not make you the one who can’t do right.

But on the other hand, we need to clarify that they should never apologize for the wrong reasons. When they have done nothing wrong, or when they were standing up for what they felt was right. They need integrity and heart. A backbone and a soft spot.

In it to win it

Mama, I know this parenting thing can seem like an insta-pot waiting to explode some days, and there is no such thing as perfect parenting. But I believe with my whole heart that WE have the ability and the tools to raise happier, kinder, and braver humans than this world has ever seen.

But we must apply these tools. We must do the hard things. And we must not only tell them how to be better. We must show them. I know we can.

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