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All the Love and Fun as a Mama of Two Sons

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a mama. I loved helping my mom take care of my 3 younger siblings. There’s something about by nurturing, guiding and caring for someone I love dearly that brings me so much joy. 

I first found out I was pregnant at 26. It was 6am in the morning before work when I took the pregnancy test. Seeing the positive sign was surreal and beyond exciting! Some women are creative and think of cute ways to tell their husbands they are pregnant. Well, I jumped into bed where my husband was still sleeping and shoved the pee stick in his face. “Oh my gosh, babe, look!!!” Half-awake but still excited as can be, he was told he was a daddy.

Fast forward a few years: we are now parents of two wonderful and amazing sons ages 3 and 1. My life as a stay at home mama is FULL and never dull. While there are times I daydream about going to the bathroom alone and having quiet alone time first thing in the morning, I wouldn’t trade this full life for anything. Side note: I am working on a better morning routine for that quiet time to start my day. That is a work in progress. 

All the Love and Fun as a Mama of Two Sons

Since entering the beautiful world of motherhood, I have never been more exhausted in my life or felt more fulfilled or experienced more joy. This is the best reason to be mentally and physically tired. I know my identity as a woman does not lie solely in being a mom. I’m more than that. The thing for me is, though, I discovered a lot about myself when I became a mama.

One thing I truly discovered is God’s love for me. I grew up a Christian and always knew God loved me, but I have experienced His love in a much deeper way since becoming a mom. If I, an imperfect human, love both of my sons this much and this much more does a perfect savior love me as his creation? It’s an overwhelming and beautiful truth I cannot fully grasp. I’m so grateful to experience this kind of relentless and gracious love all the time. 

All the Love and Fun as a Mama of Two Sons

Seeing the world through my sons’ eyes brings so much joy, fun and laughter. There are new and exciting experiences daily! I love seeing them learn new things, I love soaking up their precious laughter, and I love their view of life with that innocent sense of wonder. I love traveling with them and creating memories as a family unit. It’s truly a blessing to witness their beautiful personalities shining through more everyday and seeing their brotherly bond grow stronger.

Just like every other parent, I experience challenges daily. Being a parent isn’t easy whatsoever and I don’t ever want to share a facade that it is. Raising humans the best we can takes A LOT of love, patience, energy and time. We need to have our cups filled up to do this day after day. 

Two things that keep me going are a healthy dose of self/soul care and the immeasurable love and joy I experience raising my boys. I’m an advocate for overall well-being and see how important it is for women, especially mamas who give so much. This will look different for every woman. They say you manifest what you think most about which is why I do my best to focus on the beauty, love and joy of motherhood and love surrounding myself with other mamas who do the same. 

All the Love and Fun as a Mama of Two Sons

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