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Five Apps to Support Moms in their Daily Living

At the end of last year, I sought out recommendations from my closest mama-friends for apps that they use on their phones or tablets which make their lives a little easier. I compiled a list and chose the five that would assist with a collection of tasks, including providing moms the opportunity to have some peace.  Many of these I have used myself, and I hope that they bring relief and help to you while you perform the most important job of being a mother!

Cozi Calendar calendar app

This syncable calendar makes all the running around seem more approachable! It takes the schedule for every child, teenager and adult in your home out of your head and puts it on to the digital calendar in one place. It can also be printed and displayed in your home if needed. Soccer games, dentist appointments, lunch dates, etc. – all can be seen and managed together. Meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, and additional lists can be stored and accessed here from any platform, by at least six family members.  


When you have heard “Mom, Mom, Mom!” as many times as you have taken breath, a little peace might be in order. With different goals and daily plans, the Headspace app gives a weary Mom 10 minutes of meditation time and takes her through several steps to ease any anxiety or stress. I use this app in the morning before my kids wake up to create a calm in my head and heart before the day picks up pace. I also enjoy the delightful accent from Andy Puddicombe, Headspace’s creator.  He can ease your mind in the first sentence with his calming voice! 


grocery shopping appThis app is new to me, as I am honestly a Clicklist fan. However if you need groceries, Instacart will take your order, have staff shop and find the items, and then send them to your home through delivery for only $3.99 per order. This idea is novel, especially for the moms who have small children, and/or carriers and grocery shopping is daunting with their screams or begs for certain snacks! I personally also need a reason not to be sucked into impulsive buying. And because Clicklist has done a great job with the shopping and bagging, but not yet delivery, I may need to give it a try!


We all need an opportunity to get away or create and finish a project within our homes. This app is perfect for this! I have wanted to save funds in an easy way for goals small and large. This app allows me to create a separate space for each goal and because it is connected to my bank account, I can easily save toward these goals. This includes a $30 withdrawal every week, rounding up from grocery store purchases, $1 for every time a certain word is in headline news (I’m serious!), and more. I have been able to save for fun purchases, trips, events, and more with this app!   

Parking Panda

Early last year, I was able to attend a march at our state capitol in Denver, CO.  The visit had to be carefully planned due to the march beginning early and because of the event being highly attended in our area. I was nervous about finding good parking, until a friend mentioned Parking Panda. I was able to pay for our parking spot through the app, and it was reserved immediately for the day of the march. I didn’t have to worry about searching endlessly for a spot, through all the many cars and people that would be out. My friend and I simply had to wave our phones in front of the parking garage meter where we reserved, and it scanned the bar code and let us in.  It was a breeze!  

In a few months I hope to accumulate more recommendations and experience so that I can share about more apps to help our many moms! If you have any suggestions, comment below!

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