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How to Minimize the Chaos of Back to School Season

Back to school season has quite the reputation and for good reason. The first few weeks when the little ones head back to a new, yet familiar routine, things always get a bit hectic.

I am not about to pretend that we have it down to an exact science here at our house. I do, however, have a few ways I like to get organized and minimize the crazy that comes with all the unexpected homework assignments and school photos.

Back to School: How to keep the chaos of a new routine to a minimum

The Calendar

Getting organized saves so much time and hassle—I personally always start with the calendar.

My husband and I have synced our calendars so that we can see what to expect in the days and weeks ahead. As soon as I get the school year calendar I make sure to put all important dates for the entire year in right away. This helps avoid surprises and lets us know what to expect. I also like familiarizing myself with what to expect.

School Supplies

As we all know, getting school supplies is meant to be fun for the kids but tends to be just another errand for parents to run during an already busy season. I started buying my kids supplies online (I personally love Target) and have really enjoyed the simplicity.

I wait for their back to school sale and check off everything on the kids’ lists—the box of goods is delivered right to our door and voila! A lot of schools also offer an option to order supplies through a service and the supplies are delivered directly to the school. I haven’t personally tried this but I can see the appeal!

This year my son’s preschool also gave parents the choice to pay $25 in lieu of school supplies—so that may be a great option for you as well!

Back to School: How to keep the chaos of a new routine to a minimum

The Wardrobe

Speaking of shopping—what about the new back to school wardrobe?! Well, despite what consumeristic culture would like us to believe, you don’t actually have to buy all new clothes by the first day of school!

I get each of my kiddos a new outfit for the first day (they think it’s special and fun) and otherwise wait for sales when the weather gets a bit cooler. Here in Colorado school starts in August and it is still so hot, we don’t need new jeans and sweaters right away.

Plan for Flexibility

Last but not least, plan for a bit of a learning curve! Every new routine always has a few hiccups as it gets going so that’s to be expected and doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong.

I would love to hear any back to school tips you have as well, so please share what works for you and your family.

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