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Minivan Mama: Top 5 Reasons to Take the Plunge

Remember when you were cool? Yeah, me too. Nowadays, my life consists of a lot more necessary caffeine and responsibility for other people’s body fluids than it used to.

Since my husband and I are so responsible these days, we decided to take the seriousness of parenthood up a notch when our second child was born. 

We were looking for a new vehicle that could fit us (my husband is quite tall), 2 rear-facing car seats and our 3 dogs all at the same time. Naturally, we decided on the most obvious parental choice – a minivan. Every young girl’s dream.

Well, my 22-year- old brother gets a real kick out of this and makes fun of me at every chance he gets. And, to be honest, when we first got it, I was a little skeptical too.

But now, 3 years in, I’m not turning back anytime soon. So, to all you parents who also used to be cool: if you’re on the fence about minivans, let me tell you my top 5 reasons why you need to take the plunge.

1. Sliding doors

 These babies open and close from across the parking lot and your kids can just hop in with no help whatsoever.

2. Roomy interior

What’s that? Your fancy Suburban has a roomy interior too? Well can you walk up and down the aisle like an airline flight attendant, leisurely buckling your children into their 5 point harnesses during a downpour? No, no you cannot. In a minivan, you have the luxury of being shielded from all the elements, because you can easily jump in those sliding doors yourself!

3. Foldable seats

Cargo space is no concern when your cab is like a spaceship and the seats fold into the floor with a flick of the wrist. From Ikea hauls to Home Depot runs, we can fit anything in this bad boy.

Flip the seats up and you’ve got enough room for 7 passengers (because, really, who doesn’t want that many of their children’s friends in their car)! The back can also be used as a baby changing station or child-size dressing room when you go out. Public restroom diaper changes – no more.

4. Cup holders

Our minivan has SIX cup holders in the front seat and a total of 12 in the entire vehicle. Why would you ever need 12 cup holders you ask? Well clearly you have never been on a road trip with two kids.

In a minivan, when the teenage employee at Chick-fil-a asks if you need a drink carrier you can say, “No thank you and I will never need one again.”

5. Comfort

What mom doesn’t want some serious lumbar support, an arm rest, AND heated seats while driving the kids to and from activities? I mean, if I’m going to chauffeur, at least I’m doing it in a captain’s seat! Also, when I drive up to soccer practice in this baby, those other parents know this mom is serious about motherhood.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, then I suggest you hop on to Google and have a look at the safety ratings on these beauties. You will be impressed! But not as impressed as your friends when they see you driving through town in your sparkly parent-mobile.

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