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2 Simple Things Teachers Want Parents to Know About Back to School

back to school

Ahh! I cannot believe school is starting already! The summer has flown by and preparation all seems last minute. As you can imagine teachers are working their tails off before school even gets going…everyday, all day. There are so many things we can do to help school get off on the right foot. Here are a few tips teachers want their students’ parents to know before fall semester begins. 

Make Sure Your Student is Well-Equipped

The most exciting part of school starting is getting all of those great supplies! Time for choosing the perfect Lisa Frank folders…oh wait, that was the 90’s…I mean that PJ Mask backpack and the awesome locker magnets to accessorize their “space.” When it comes to starting the school year off on a good note, supplies are only the tip of the iceberg. Don’t get me wrong, school supplies are important, and I will touch more on that in a moment, but preparing your student mentally and emotionally are crucial to their success! 

As a parent, you most likely fall in one of these two mindsets: 1) You are thrilled summer is over because you are a little over the constant demands of your kids or 2) You are sad your time with your babies is over and are struggling to cope. Either way, your students need to be prepared for school to kick-off, and they need your help! What I mean is, you need to get them excited for the school year, whether you are or not. Some kids walk through the door the first day bummed because summer is over, because they heard their parents speak of its ending like a dreadful mantra. 

BE EXCITED! Yay! I cannot believe today is your first day of ___ grade Billy! It is going to be amazing and you are going to do awesome Suzy! I love you Jane, I’m so proud of you, go make someone smile today! They want to see you happy that school is starting, not because you want to get rid of them, but because school is a wonderful thing and all kids benefit from it. 

Supplies….they need to be prepared with everything on their supply list, even if you may think it is outrageous! Teachers spend so much of their own money on their classrooms. (I personally spend anywhere from $500-$800 a year in my classroom.) Teachers need your help. Your students need to come to school fully equipped. Each supply on their list is important. Pencils literally disappear everyday….we don’t know where they go , but they will reside there until the end of time (think bobby pins and hair ties at home, Moms). 

When your student comes to school prepared, they feel excited, more confident. They are starting off on the right path. Their bolstered attitude could help another student who perhaps is not looking forward to the start of the year. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Having a new teacher for your student can seem scary, filled with unknowns.  Who is this person? Can I trust them with my child? What is their teaching style? Your student may have been assigned a teacher fresh out of college, green, and just as nervous as their students. Trust what my principal tells his teachers every year: they were born to do this, each and every one of them, they would not be there if they weren’t. If you are still unsure or anxious, there is this amazing thing you can do, ask questions! 

Your student’s teacher is there to help ease your concerns as well as your students’ concerns! They want you to feel as comfortable as possible. And they would actually appreciate your questions more than you may think. Asking questions helps you gain clarity and assures the teacher you have an understanding of what is expected, thus instilling confidence in them. The beginning of the year will be a much smoother transition for all when the lines of communication are kept open. 

Make sure your student is comfortable asking questions as well. Teachers prefer students who are willing to ask questions. Some students remain apprehensive, failing to ask, therefore remaining lost, confused all day long. Remind your student that their teacher is there for one undeniable and overlying reason: to help children succeed.  

Keep In Mind

You are an amazing parent! You have {an} amazing kid(s)! Keep up the good work. Keep loving on your babies everyday! Students who come from a loving, supportive home have much higher odds of being successful in every situation they may encounter. You are doing some things right, Mama! Keep your chin up when the days seem hard. 

Teachers are there because they love kids and love helping them grow into awesome humans! Teachers are a rare breed and deserve to be appreciated (and most of them love Starbucks…*wink*). I know the start of your students year will be incredible if you follow these two tips. School is amazing and wonderful and everyone should think so. Start you and your student off on the right path this year. Know it will be wonderful and let your student know it will be too! 

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3 Responses to 2 Simple Things Teachers Want Parents to Know About Back to School

  1. Samantha
    Samantha August 22, 2018 at 3:23 pm #

    This is fantastic! Love the reference to the pencils going missing like bobby pins and hair ties….seriously, where DO they go?! Great tips! And good luck, teach! Thanks for loving on our kiddos each and every day during the school year.

  2. Nikola
    Nikola August 24, 2018 at 4:08 pm #

    Great tips! Thank you! My daughter is starting a 4day preK and I am a bit nervous, but now I’m confident that I’m on the right track

  3. Aisha Thomas
    Aisha Thomas August 29, 2018 at 10:16 pm #

    Great tips! I hope the school year goes well for all of us!