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Finding Beauty by Living an Intentionally Imperfect Life

When I became a mama, I remember almost every other mom telling me how time goes by so fast. I believe this 100 percent! I had also heard that some days go by slowly, but the years go by quickly. I remind myself of this on more challenging days because it helps me handle things with perspective instead of getting caught up in a not-so-glorious, imperfect moment (or moments). 

imperfect kids

I have two sons; a 2 1/2 year old and a 9-month old. I’m a stay at home mama and I absolutely LOVE it. There’s never a dull moment to be had, and the things that happen only parents would laugh about. It’s a beautiful, crazy, blessed, challenging, fun, and amazing adventure. As much as I’m teaching and guiding my kiddos, I learn more about myself daily as I’m discovering who I was created to be. 

There are days I amaze myself with all the things I do and how patient I am. Other days I forget my phone in the cabinet as I’m holding my baby, reaching for something to quickly snack on because my toddler is trying to climb out of his high chair. Have you seen a toddler slip through the tightened buckles? It’s like a magic trick they innately know how to do.

Anyway, as mamas we can all agree that some days are easier and better than others, just as some are harder with more challenges. When all is said and done though, it’s so important to find the beauty even in the chaos and the imperfect, messy moments. Trust me, I don’t have this perfected and don’t claim to. I don’t have years of experience as a mama like many others do. But, here are four simple and intentional things that are making a difference in my life as a mom. These are four things I will continue to implement in my journey as a mama.  

Limiting phone time

There have been times I was on my phone way too much throughout the day. I would use the excuse that I have an online health business, but that was only half true. I wasn’t prioritizing my time well so screen time was taking place of being present with my kiddos. After coming to terms with how social media is addicting (newsflash!), I have set necessary boundaries for myself. It makes a big difference in how much more present and connected I feel with my kiddos and in life in general. 

Having grace for a mess

I love a clean home. I function so much better with clean and I feel like my surroundings affect what is going on in my mind. Of course I let my kiddos play and make messes (controlled messes), but instead of cleaning up as soon as possible like I used to, I just let it be. I have more grace for it and so much fun playing with my kiddos and don’t stress over the mess. I’ll lightly clean a few times for my sanity, then at the end of the day I’ll have my toddler help me clean up all the toys before bedtime. 

Taking time to cuddle 

Once bedtime comes around I’m ready for a little break, but most nights I do my best to carve out some time to cuddle with my toddler. Since I have two kiddos, this one-on-one time is special because I’m usually dividing my attention throughout the day. So he cuddles in my lap in his room as I read a bedtime story and sing a couple songs. These moments have become really sweet, especially after tougher days when his will is stronger than usual. I’m sure some mamas can relate to that. 

Journaling moments

I recently started journaling moments I want to remember. Sometimes I journal about milestones, something funny, or a learning moment. I remind myself that these entries don’t have to be pages long because I’m not an avid documenter. I typically just write down a few sentences or paragraphs so I can read them in the future and remember. I take pictures also to remember moments. I know I’ll be so thankful I did this!  

Even as I write this, I think to myself how there is much room for improvement, but the one thing we all share in common as mamas is that we are learning as we go. Every day we learn what works best for us and our families, and what doesn’t. If today wasn’t the best, one of the beautiful truths is that tomorrow is a new day with new chances, grace, and new experiences waiting.  

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