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The Busy Mom’s Guide to Capturing Your Memories

You have a beautiful family and so many wonderful memories, but all your pictures are on your phone…so now what?

Hey mama! I see you. You’re just like me. You live for those amazing moments with your family and your babies, and you’re snapping away and taking videos and then…they sit on your phone. If you are like me, which I have a feeling you are, you don’t want your memories just to live in the digital world. I want to see my photos, relive the moments, and see those memories daily, but sometimes life is just too busy. So, busy mama, I’m going to share how I capture my memories and keep them around so I can enjoy them day after day.

1. Print your pictures

This has become so easy thanks to these digital days we live in. Say goodbye to having to take your memory stick to Walmart or Target and stand there while you pick out your prints. I have found that the Shutterfly app offers FREE prints off your phone. Did you catch that, FREE! All you pay is shipping. You can access your phone camera and Instagram, and your prints arrive within about a week. This was a huge game changer for me because printing my photos didn’t take any time, and now I have physical photos to look at whenever I want.

 printed memories

2. Use simple photo albums and scrapbooks

Scrapbooking used to give me huge anxiety because I thought I had to put so much time and effort into making it look amazing, not to mention the money that scrapbooking supplies cost. But I’ve found some sweet and simple books where I literally paste in the pictures and write a few things about the memory. Now my little guy loves to sit down with me and look at these books.

My favorites are from the Heidi Swapp Collection at Michaels. They are modern, sleek, and simple. The time it takes me to put these together is maybe about the time of a good Netflix binge on a Saturday.

album of memoriesalbum of memoriesalbum of memoriesalbum of memories

3. If any type of scrapbooking is too much, utilize amazing apps

There are some amazing apps out there that will actually create scrapbooks for you! Recently is an app that builds your month’s photos and makes a beautiful magazine-esque book that is mailed to you each month. It looks like a beautiful coffee-table book, and they are very affordable and so easy to make. I love the idea of having these for years and years to come.

apps to record memories apps to record memories

I also love the 1-Second App. While this is still a digital aspect to your memories, it compiles 1 second of a video per day and mashes it into a video. I share mine every month but at the end of the year, you have a piece of each day in a video and you can share it through email, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s a fun way to share your videos and to see your children grow over the year. It’s affordable and again, super easy to use. Having this app reminds me to start taking more videos of things I would forget to film normally.

apps to record memories apps to record memories

4. Print your pictures in fun ways to hang around your house

This is probably the easiest thing to do because it takes little time, but sometimes finding cute ways is hard, especially affordable ways. My favorite these days is Smallwood Home. They have so many options from canvas prints, wooden pictures, and custom ornaments for this holiday season. I will definitely be hanging some of our families’ pictures in the next couple of months.

canvas memories canvas memories

Shutterfly (again!) has some amazing options for photos, including calendars, blankets, mugs, and more. I am currently digging these stand-up calendars and will be designing one for next year! After the month is over, you can cut the calendar part out and you have a printed picture to hang.

calendar memories

Artifact Uprising is also one of my favorites to use. Their photo books really are amazing coffee-table books and are worth the price, albeit they are a little more in the price department. These make great gifts or if you have a very special memory, I highly recommend documenting it through this site.

Those are my tips and tricks to easily getting your memories into something that you are able to see and look at rather than just scrolling through your phone. You’re busy and the last thing you want to do is sit there, scrolling through trying to remember just how small your littles were at one time. Now you can reminisce with your littles. One of our favorite things to do together is sit and look at “His Book,” which is the simple scrapbook I made of my son’s first year. I hope these help you busy mama and you enjoy having your memories all around you!

(And if you were wondering, I wasn’t sponsored or asked to talk about any of these companies. These are just the products and apps that help this busy mama!)

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