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Beyond the Baby Shower: 4 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Mama and Baby #2

Let me paint a picture for you: you’ve peed on a stick and two magical little lines have appeared! Woo hoo! You are going to have your first baby!

Twenty short weeks go by (don’t you wish you could bypass the first trimester “morning” sickness as easy as starting a new paragraph?) and I can almost guarantee you will have people lining up asking when your baby shower is and if they can throw you one.

I mean it is your first baby and people want to celebrate. The tiny onesies are basically screaming at your friends every single time they enter Target.

The party is on! It is all about you and that little human you are growing.

baby shower

Alright, now fast forward a year or two and suddenly, congratulations! you are going to have another tiny human in roughly nine months!

But, hmmm, that line of people offering to throw you a baby shower is nowhere to be found.

I mean this is your second baby after all. A been-there-done-that-old-news second baby.

Well I call bologna!

Sure you probably have most of the items you need for your second as your first grows out of them.

BUT—and listen closely to this and really let it sink in—every birth brings about a new baby and a new mother and that is something to celebrate.

And home girl, there are so many ways to celebrate you and your family that aren’t your typical baby shower. Let’s discuss options.


First up, a baby sprinkle. This is specifically designed for subsequent babies. It’s not a full blown rain shower it’s a light sprinkle. Get it? It can be as low-key or as over the top as you want.

I’ve seen people take this and run with it putting sprinkles on everything from cupcakes to champagne glasses.

Or another fun take is the sprinkle of rain where they decorate with rain clouds and umbrellas.

Some moms make this a “stock the library” kind of party since—and trust me on this—you will be reading countless books to your older child as you sit and nurse your youngest cluster-feeder.

It can also be a great way to celebrate a mom who did have a large gap between kids and may in fact need those large items again after selling them all on Marketplace years ago.

Big ticket items are usually not as commonly needed, though; just fun items for the new babe.


This is a Navajo tradition and I in no way intend this to be a whitewashed version of a sacred ceremony. So please, if you decide to go this route, research it and make your own decision while respecting the customs of a very rich culture.

What follows is merely a telling of what has become a societal norm.

In summary, a blessingway is a sacred rite of passage into motherhood. It is recognized as a gathering to bless the new mother and to recognize and believe in the strength of her body and the journey she is about to take.

This one is not about gifts. It is about showing love and support and to make sure the mother feels empowered.

Activities, however, can make this gathering super special.

You can make your own bath soak station with different herbs, color birth affirmations, have a henna artist paint her belly while blessing her. Whatever your heart desires!

The idea is simply to show her how much you love and support her on this journey.

baby shower

Diaper Shower

This one is super simple and easy.

Have a fun celebration where each guest brings a pack of diapers.

Or the mama plans to cloth diaper. Great! Bring the cutest one you can find.*

*Host, please make sure to specify which kind of cloth diaper she prefers because one little Google search will show you just how many options there are. Brace yourself.

For activities you can decorate the diapers, such as writing cute encouraging messages on them for those middle of the night changes.

I had a friend who entered guests into a raffle for a big prize basket at the end of the night for every gift card they brought.

Just Have Brunch

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be something big or something fancy or expensive. The goal is to celebrate!

Celebrate this mother. Celebrate this baby. Celebrate life because it is something to be cherished and recognized no matter how many other children may be in the picture.

It has nothing to do with the number of kids but the love for the individual.

So, put out some donuts and orange juice, get her friends and family together and show her you love her and this new life. Because I can promise you she cherishes this pregnancy just as much as her first.

baby shower

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