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When it Hurts So Good: Breaking the Pain Cycle at KineticWise

Thank you to KineticWise for providing a complimentary massage to our contributor! While her experience was gratuitous, all opinions are her own. We love partnering with local businesses to bring you first-hand reviews of their services!

It’s Been A While

So, if you asked my husband when the last time he received a professional massage was, his answer would be simple: “Never.” My dream answer? Monthly. Heck, weekly. At what age can I teach my children to perform this service daily to earn their allowance? My hubby and I truly balance each other out.

My answer last week: I think when my mom gifted me a massage for my birthday after my first child, so, let’s see… she’s four now… so somewhere around four years ago. I know I’m not alone in gaging all time between events by how old the kiddo is.

It had been a while since I had made my body pain a priority. Avoidance, unfortunately, tends to make any problem bigger rather than going away. I knew that I was still mobile now, but I’ve learned the lesson the hard way in my past of what happens when I don’t listen to my chronic pain and neglect taking action.

With two littles to chase and lift on the daily, I knew I needed to not just listen to my body, but to also work towards recovery and prevention. Living with chronic pain can mean that you can easily get discouraged most days. My internal dialogue sounds something like this more often than I’d like to admit, “it doesn’t matter what I do, I’ll always be in pain,” or “can I just buy a new back?”

My shoulders felt like two bricks and every once in a while I’d feel that twinge in my lower back — the warning pain that tells me that if I keep pushing it, I may not be able to get up soon. So, when our Northern Colorado Moms Blog team offered me the experience of a massage service at KineticWise, I felt like the universe was listening to my body pain better than I was. I embraced this opportunity fully!

Why KineticWise Massage?


Getting to know KineticWise massage started off with me seeing them pop in at my gym in Fort Collins offering free, 15-minute massages. I was never able to grab one up because I’m on a strict, self-policed and childcare-driven schedule when I’m at the gym and they stayed busy during their visits. But I could see the time and attention the practitioners were taking with each guest and I was intrigued.Immunewise Essential Oil

My first introduction to KineticWise was through 9 Banded Essential Oils. I scored an ImmuneWise essential oil during cold and flu season and I would have mainlined that stuff if it was recommended. Holy cow was this past season a hard one! I’ve slowly been learning more about the benefits of oils and as a child that grew up with a mother that thrived when tending her herb garden, the smell alone has an immediate supportive and calming effect.

Breaking Tradition

Don’t let “Sports and Medical Massage” deter you from booking a massage with KineticWise. I’ll be honest, my first thought was, “I’m not an athlete.” But then I took into consideration that my two girls combined weigh 60 lbs. and I lift them consistently throughout the day. And what about all the time I spend on my phone or in front of my laptop that could lead to strain through repetition? After checking out the clinic’s website I learned that the biggest difference between the professional massages I had experienced in my past and what I could expect at KineticWise was their trademarked Physiologically Efficient Positioning (PEP) Method — the understanding that our body has an ideal position to be efficient.

PEP CertificationThis definitely sparked my curiosity. I’ve also had experience with chiropractic care in my past recovering from injuries as well as prenatal. I’ve always appreciated the education I’ve received on what is going on with my body from the inside out, so being more educated on my body’s “ideal position” sounded like a win-win even though it was not what I was traditionally used to from a massage. Add to this that they’ve been locally owned and operated for a decade established my trust right away.

Time to book an appointment! Which was made easy by phone with even my crazy availability, but is also super straight-forward to do online. Their rates were also uncomplicated, with no hidden fees or add-ons.

The Referable Experience

Come One, Come All

I would 110% recommend KineticWise’s massage services and here’s why: I felt cared for, listened to, educated, made to work hard and rest fully in a restorative practice and immediately felt the benefits. Wait, what? I was made to work hard? Yes, mamas! Let me explain.

Cared ForKineticWise Massage Practitioner

This has been a core value of mine when it comes to any type of customer service I receive. Did I feel cared for? Subjective? Perhaps. But at the end of the day, I’ll always remember how I was made to feel. I’ve also found that when I’m in this state of feeling cared for, I retain more. My mind is fully open and I don’t just hear, I learn.

My massage practitioner was prepared with on-point questions that made me feel like my time was respected along with getting to know the roots of my pain. During the postural assessment I was blown away that my practitioner was able to guess that I carried my baby primarily on my left hip. “Yep,” I said as I positioned myself with an imaginary baby on my left hip and imaginary phone in my right hand. He was able to help me understand the impact this hip hike had on the rest of my body so much so that I’ve changed my behavior. I now alternate which side I hold my little one and am mindful of my posture when I pick her up and hold her.

Work Hard, Rest Fully

What stood out the most during my massage experience was the PEP Method that integrated active movement. As my practitioner worked on a particular muscle he also had me move in a gentle and specific way. These were simple movements, such as moving my head up and down slowly or turning to look at the opposite shoulder from what was being worked while also being mindful of my breath. This made me feel as if I was in restorative yoga session. I felt like I was really working to help rebuild strength and flexibility in my frame, allowing my body to align to me rather than myself trying to work with a dysfunctional body.

It wasn’t all work. There were tons of relaxing moments too. Between each bit of work was a pause for rest and warmth. I remember my practitioner explaining to me why we took these pauses for rest: to help put the body at ease, the opposite being dis-ease or disease. So many of us live with disease, or ill health, and just push through, but just think what we could all accomplish if we prioritized optimal structure and function within ourselves.

Immediate Results

As soon as I got up from the massage table I experienced increased range of motion. I could move my head, neck and arms more fully and felt lighter. Of course one treatment isn’t going to fix all of my problems. This is definitely something I’m working on the old budget to be able to consistently experience in order to restore my health and maintain it. But let me tell you! I felt so awesome that I met up with a group of mamas that week and played volleyball for the first time in many, many moons. I felt confident that I was more in tune with my body and even tried an overhand serve. It was a true testament to how making your health a priority can lead you to showcase your capabilities and believe, even when you haven’t done so in a very long time.

Ready to treat your body and give it the TLC it truly deserves? Schedule your next massage with KineticWise & take $20 off your first massage treatment!


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