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Two Simple Ideas to Save Your Summertime Sanity

Isn’t the first week excitement of summer so fun? The energy everyone has for the warm days and long nights of playing is contagious!

Inevitably, though, we get to the point (hello, right now) where siblings are arguing and get bored, and not having our usual routine is no longer novel, but an obstacle.

So now that we’re in the later part of summer already, what’s a family to do?

Well, for the last two summers we started sitting down with our kids the first day of summer and writing a summer to do list. We also implemented a summer chore chart. These two things have saved my summertime sanity.

The good news is, you can still implement these ideas now and finish out the summer strong!

Two Simple Ideas to Save Your Summertime Sanity

Summer To Do List

Our summer to do list includes things that are really easy to work into our days, for instance a nature walk. Some require more planning, like a trip to Colorado Springs for the weekend to explore the Cave of the Winds.

Regardless, sitting down with the kids and hearing their ideas (realistic or not) for things they want to do before summer ends has been great fun and provides us something to always look forward to!

Need ideas? Check out our Best Parks in Northern Colorado Guide or Northern Colorado Splash and Swim Guide for inspiration!

Two Simple Ideas to Save Your Summertime Sanity

Summer Chore List

The summer chore list, while perhaps not as exciting, has been so useful for establishing expectations and routine—which can be an important lead-in to the established expectations and routine for the school year!

Every family’s list will vary a bit depending on your needs, but our includes age appropriate tasks.

Both kids have to do an educational activity (whether it be a workbook page or science experiment), help feed the dog, water plants, etc.

Two Simple Ideas to Save Your Summertime Sanity

What are your ideas to save summertime sanity, moms? Let us know in the comments!

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