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excluded child

Easy Ways to Include Children with Food Allergies

I had no idea that one-third of kids with food allergies experience bullying because of their allergies. Not surprisingly, victims don’t report their experiences about half the time, meaning the number of kids with food allergies who have been bullied is actually much higher. As mama to a kiddo with life-threatening peanut and tree-nut allergies, […]

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5 Healthy Make-Ahead Recipes + On-The-Go Snacks Your Kids Will LOVE

If you’re like me, you’re ALWAYS on the hunt for easy breezy recipes you AND your kiddos will love.  Today I’m sharing a few of our family’s go-to healthy recipes that you can make ahead, freeze, or grab and go!  Oh…and if you’re into “hiding” veggies from your kids, several of these recipes are definitely […]

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backpacks affecting health

Backpacks Can Affect Your Child’s Health – It’s Really That Serious!

It’s Back To School time!!!!! That means school supplies, new clothes, new schedules and suddenly every kid you see will be carrying a backpack. We all know that when school starts back up in the fall, routines change. Suddenly kids are on a predetermined schedule, carrying around backpacks, spending more of their day sitting at […]

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