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Oh you’re THAT mom - How to start your holiday shopping early, and feel GREAT about it

Oh You’re THAT Mom? How to Start Your Holiday Shopping Early, and Feel GREAT About It!

It’s October, which means that people on Facebook have started their Christmas countdowns. Halloween and Thanksgiving are an oversight. Christmas decor is already taking over many stores. Yet, with all of this excitement surrounding the impending holiday that is 2.5 months away, we all still have the tendency to wait to do our shopping until [...]
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It’s Just Not the Same: Navigating the Holidays in the Midst of Loss

My mom was the epitome of everything you can imagine to be amazing during the holidays. Every single holiday. But Thanksgiving and Christmas were the best. From as little as I can remember, she worked so hard to make the holidays special for everyone. All the details were accounted for. She spent hours preparing the […]

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2018 Fort Collins Brewery Lights

Witness the Magic of the Fourth Annual Brewery Lights Celebration

Witness the Magic of Anheuser-Busch Fort Collins’ Fourth Annual Brewery Lights Celebration NCMB is thrilled to partner with Anheuser-Busch Fort Collins to bring you this sponsored post. It’s the merriest and brightest season of the year, especially at Anheuser-Busch Fort Collins’ Brewery Lights, where thousands of twinkling lights illuminate the brewery. There’s something for everyone [...]
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Ho Ho No: We Will Never be THOSE Parents

“We will never be those parents.” “Nope. NEVER.” “That is the most ridiculous thing ever.” Yes. These were the words that came out of our mouth every year…until last year. Until the day “it” happened. Let’s refer to it as E-Day. (Insert evil, suspenseful music here.) It was a normal day in December in the Mondragon household. We […]

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Holiday Gift-Giving on a Budget

How stinkin’ easy is it to get caught up in the consumerism of the season? One trip down the holiday section of Target and kapow—your entire budget is blown! (Yes, I’m speaking from experience and yes, I enjoy being a walking “basic mom” cliché, thank you for asking.)  But there are a million reasons not […]

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Changing Your Perspective on Traditions to Help You Through the Holidays

I’m 100%, through and through, a Christmas Person. Elf is hands down my favorite movie. (Regardless of your level of affinity for elf culture, it’s a comedic masterpiece.) Leroy Anderson’s rendition of Sleigh Ride gets me all kinds of hyper. I gleefully spend hour upon hour on our Christmas cards. And snow ranks slightly above […]

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