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Silent Night? The Importance of Quiet, and 7 Tips for Creating Quiet this Holiday

“Silent night, holy night, All is calm, all is bright…” This is the beginning of my all-time favorite Christmas tune. Growing up in very Swedish Lutheran town, my elementary class even learned this song in Swedish.  But as I became a mother, the absurdity of a quiet Christmas night became more apparent. According to the […]

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Dealing with your Explosive Child

Living with “The Hulk”  Flashback to Summer of 2015. It was probably hungry-o’clock in the afternoon for my seven-year-old son (we’ll call him “L”). My girls were in the other room likely watching a show or playing nicely. I was crouched on the floor of my bedroom, taking a shaky breather and crying. I could hear […]

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How to Parent When Times are Tough

It’s just been one of those times recently—one of those tough phases in life that everyone goes through now and then when the clouds converge, the stars mis-align, and it feels like I’m the walking embodiment of the when it rains, it pours idiom. The last time I was knocked off my axis like this was […]

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