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Guide to Non-Toy Gift Giving in Colorado

Guide to Non-Toy Gift Giving in Northern Colorado

At the end of last Christmas season, my husband and I started to become very overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that was coming into our house. It wasn’t just the new Christmas presents (which was a lot of it) but both my parents and my husband’s parents returned all of our childhood belongings to [...]
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Holiday Gift-Giving on a Budget

How stinkin’ easy is it to get caught up in the consumerism of the season? One trip down the holiday section of Target and kapow—your entire budget is blown! (Yes, I’m speaking from experience and yes, I enjoy being a walking “basic mom” cliché, thank you for asking.)  But there are a million reasons not […]

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Home for the Holidays: Building a Habitat with Love

“Home for the Holidays,” “Home is where the heart is,” “There’s no place like home!” Home is our refuge; our place of peace, comfort, and security. Yet, so many people struggle in our community to find stable housing. When we start decorating our homes with lights and holiday decor, I’m reminded of years prior when we […]

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