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let's talk about the fear of failing

Let’s Talk About the Fear of Failing

Earlier this year I had the privilege to attend a women’s event with nearly 1,000 other women in the NoCo area! The room was buzzing, there were smiles all around and it was really great to see so many like-minded women connecting. All of the panel speakers—featuring local female entrepreneurs—were incredibly motivating and inspirational individuals [...]
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It’s Just Not the Same: Navigating the Holidays in the Midst of Loss

My mom was the epitome of everything you can imagine to be amazing during the holidays. Every single holiday. But Thanksgiving and Christmas were the best. From as little as I can remember, she worked so hard to make the holidays special for everyone. All the details were accounted for. She spent hours preparing the […]

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Seeds and a Dream: Lessons from Our Children

Starting around the age of 3, my son (Logan) began to be OBSESSED with what he called “experiments.” In most rooms in our house, you could find a cup full of goodness-knows-what that he had created. He loved to mix random things together and see what would happen. Some of them contained a mixture of […]

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Making a Fresh Start Can be Hard…Like Really Hard

Northern Colorado is no longer a hidden gem and families are flocking here by the day. I mean why wouldn’t you want to move your family here? The communities are super kid friendly, beautiful parks everywhere and so much accessibility to outdoor activities. Since moving here I have met so many friends new to the area, […]

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