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If I had three kids, I could take cute pictures like this!

How do you know if you should have more kids? Let’s freak out about it together!

My husband and I have always known we wanted either two or three children. So which is it: two or three? Um, good question.  Hey Siri, how many kids should I have? ...Hello? ...Siri? ANSWER ME. My Google history will reveal I have searched for "how do you know if you should have more kids?" [...]
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When You Can’t Snooze the Baby: Surviving Newborn Sleeping Habits

I’m tired. Like really tired. Like reaching for a third cup of coffee tired. But that’s because I’ve been up all night working—by choice. So I really can’t complain. However, nothing will ever compare to the first time we had a baby and the sleep deprivation was absolutely crippling. Just for a little understanding, I […]

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